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MEANS V10 PROFI for € 999
Linear and quadratic 3D beams, 2D planes and plates, 3D shells and 3D-solid elements (hexahedron, pentahedron, tetrahedron). Nodal loads, line loads, distributed loads, centrifugal loads, gravitation and temperature loads, FEM-Structures with different materials, 2D/3D mesh generation with a CAD-Interface DXF, STL, STEP and IGES. Quick FE-Solver until 100 000 nodes and 150 000 elements with all element typs.

MEANS V10 HIGH END for € 1999

same functions as MEANS Professional but FEM calculations with unlimited nodes and elements.

Add-On module DYNAMIC for € 350,-
Calculations of Eigenvalues, natural frequencies with characteristic modal forms

Add-On module FATIQUE for € 250,-

Fatique-Calculations with the German AD-Merkblatt S2 with Dialogboxes

Add-On module BUCKLING for € 350,-

Calculate the critical buckling loads with the buckling modes shapes.

Add-On module TEMPERATURE for € 350,-

Temperature analysis for steady and transient temperature field calculation with convection, point-, surface- and 3d heat sources.

Add-On module NONLINEAR for € 350,-
Geometrically nonlinear and with load increments for large deformations.

Add-On module PLASTIC for € 350,-

FEM-Calculations for plastic deformations with a Stress-Strain-Database.

Add-On module CONTACT for € 450,-

Calculation of Rolling Contact Pressure (
Hertz contact problems) of train and rail systems or ball and roller bearings or other contact problems like bolted or clamped parts sittings.

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