FEM-Software - Finite Elemente Software MEANS V13 for FEM Simulations

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Basic Versions

MEANS V13 WORKS for 499 €
FEM-System with linear statics calculations with linear and quadratic 3D beams, 2D planes and plates, axialsym. 2D, 3D shells and 3D-solid elements (hexahedron, pentahedron, tetrahedron). Nodal loads, line loads, distributed loads, centrifugal loads, gravitation and temperature loads, FEM-Structures with different materials, 2D/3D mesh generation with a CAD-Interface DXF, STL, STEP and IGES. Quick FE-Solver until 499 000 nodes and 499 000 elements with all element typs.

MEANS V13 INVENT for 999 €
same functions as MEANS V13 WORKS with until 999 000 nodes and 999 000 elements. In addition CAD Assemblies which cannot meshed (because profiles are too thin or there are no weld seams) can still be calculated with a fully automatic MPC contact analysis (Sample-Video).

MEANS V13 HIGH END for 2490 €
same functions as MEANS V13 INVENT with unlimited nodes and elements.


Add-On module DYNAMIC for 350 €
Calculations of Eigenvalues, natural frequencies with characteristic modal forms.

Add-On module FORM OPTIMIZATION for 250 €
Material can be saved up to 70%.

Add-On module BUCKLING for 350 €
Calculate the critical buckling loads with the buckling modes shapes.
Fatique-Calculations with the German FKM-Richtlinie with Dialogboxes

Add-On module FLOWDXF for 250 €
CFD Simulations of laminar and turbulent 2D flow streamlines with DXF Import. Flow pressure can be imported into the statics as a surface load. (Website)

Add-On module TEMPERATURE for 350 €
Temperature analysis for steady and transient temperature field calculation with convection, point-, surface- and 3d heat sources.

Add-On module NONLINEAR, CONTACT and DROP_TEST for 700 €
Calculation of Rolling Contact Pressure (Hertz contact problems) of train and rail systems or ball and roller bearings or other contact problems like bolted or clamped parts sittings. Also included MPC elements to connect structures with different mesh sizes or to calculate with different material datas. Geometrically nonlinear and with load increments for large deformations. FEM-Calculations for plastic deformations with a Stress-Strain-Database. Also it is possible to calculate simplified Drop Test with a impact factor and gravitation load.

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